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White Papers

Introducing DocumentDB: A NoSQL Database for Microsoft Azure

The Benefits and Risks of Cloud Platforms: A Guide for Business Leaders

Integration Software: Build or Buy?

Creating Business Value Through Integration: What BizTalk Server and SQL Server Provide

Introducing Windows Communication Foundation

Dealing with Diversity: Understanding WCF Communication Options in the .NET Framework 3.5

The Workflow Way: Understanding Windows Workflow Foundation

Understanding Workflow in Windows SharePoint Services and the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Introducing SCA

Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation

Introducing Windows Communication Foundation

Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows HPC Server and Windows Azure: High-Performance Computing in the Cloud

Tools for Team Development: Why Vendors are Finally Getting It Right

Adopting a Common ALM Foundation: Why It Makes Sense in a Heterogeneous World

Introducing Visual Studio 2010

Providing Single Sign-On to Amazon EC2 Applications from an On-Premises Windows Domain

Choosing Client Platforms in the PC+ Era: A Perspective for ISVs

The Microsoft Private Cloud: A Technology Overview

Understanding Workflow in Windows SharePoint Services and the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Introducing BizTalk Server 2009

Understanding Workflow in Windows SharePoint Services and the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Understanding BPM Servers

Introducing the .NET Framework 3.5




WS-Security: New Technologies Help You Make Your Web Services More Secure

The .NET Earthquake Hits IT

Understanding Microsoft Message Queuing

Understanding Kerberos in Windows 2000

How Microsoft Transaction Server Changes the COM Programming Model

Making Sense of Distributed Objects

Rethinking Open Systems

The Trouble With CORBA

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InformIT Columns, 2001-2002

Component Strategies Columns, 1997-1999


InformIT Columns, 2001-2002

REST: Another Way of Looking at Web Services

Beyond C# and VB.NET: Should You Care About Other .NET Languages?

Unraveling Software as a Service

Who Cares About UDDI?

What's Next for Web Services: GXA and Beyond

Security and .NET My Services: Can Microsoft Protect Our Data?

Privacy and .NET My Services: Can You Trust Microsoft?

Understanding .NET's Common Type System

DCOM is Dead – Long Live .NET Remoting

ASP.NET: Prepare for a New World

Choosing a .NET Language

Questions and Answers About C#


Component Strategies Columns, 1997-1999

Taking Stock of Component Technology

Application Servers: COM-Based vs. Java-Based


COM+ Redux


ActiveX Controls vs. JavaBeans

Objects, Components, and Transactions

The Joy of Reference Counting

On Being Object-Oriented: COM and CORBA

Introducing ActiveX

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    Number 17, October 2006
    • What's Next? Life After J2EE
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    Number 16, August 2006
    • SOA and the Reality of Reuse
    • Now Available: Understanding .NET, 2nd Edition
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    Number 14, October 2005
    • The Case Against BPEL: Why the Language is Less Important Than You Think
    • David Chappell's Fall Speaking Schedule
    Number 13, June 2005
    • Services as an Explicit Abstraction
    Number 12, January 2005
    • Stalking the Wily Business Analyst
    • Now Available: Newcomer and Lomow's Understanding SOA with Web Services
    • David Chappell's February/March Speaking Schedule
    Number 11, October 2004
    • Reuse in Service-Oriented Architectures: This Time It's Different
    Number 10, April 2004
    • Business Process Platforms
    • David Chappell’s Upcoming Speaking Schedule
    Number 9, January 2004
    • Kill the Beast: Why the Seven-Layer Model Must Die
    • David Chappell's Weblog
    • David Chappell’s Upcoming Speaking Schedule
    Number 8, November 2003
    • Indigo Incoming: How Will the Java World Respond?
    • Now Available: A Visual Introduction to SQL, Second Edition
    Number 7, August 2003
    • The Economic Value of Linux
    • ITG Series Book Wins Jolt Award
    • David Chappell’s September Speaking Schedule
    Number 6, April 2003
    • Comparing Security: Commercial Software vs. Open Source
    • David Chappell’s May Speaking Schedule
    Number 5, March 2003
    • The Myth of Loosely Coupled Web Services
    • Now Available: Brian Arkill’s LDAP Directories Explained
    Number 4, October 2002
    • People, Protocols, and Progress
    • Keynotes
    Number 3, July 2002
    • Why I Like ebXML
    • Now Available: Eric Newcomer’s Understanding Web Services
    Number 2, May 2002
    • A Ticking Time Bomb: Java in Universities
    • David Chappell’s June Speaking Schedule
    Number 1, April 2002
    • How Progress Happens: .NET and Java
    • New Book: Understanding .NET

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